Employment & Career Centre (DASTA)

The Employment & Career Centre (DASTA) is a dynamic department of the University with an outgoing, people-oriented culture. Its purpose is to provide career services to our University’s students and graduates and connect them with the business world.

DASTA develops a set of interconnected services that aim to:

  • support our students and graduates in their educational and professional development;
  • promote our graduates’ employment in the Greek and international labour market;
  • encourage the outward orientation of our University and liaise its activities to institutions that foster production and development;
  • enable and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • provide feedback to our University’s education structures, on labour market needs, and on our graduates’ educational and professional development.

The philosophy of the UoI DASTA

Circumstances influence the type and form of career services, so we need to readjust our role and practices. We believe that our purpose should be contributing to the creation and support of an ecosystem within the academic community, which will offer students and graduates access to information, consultancy and orientation services, and primarily, to opportunities that relate to familiarization with the labour market and working life in general. To offer such opportunities, a career centre must develop networking initiatives, and cooperation between education, companies, and society. For this reason, through our career services at the University of Ioannina, we seek out synergies, and create learning experiences and a network of organizations, partners and mentors that provide our students and graduates information and career opportunities.

We develop our services through the coordinated actions of the Liaison Office, the Internship Office and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Office.


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Employment & Career Centre
University of Ioannina
45110 Ioannina – Greece

Τ: (+30) 26510 07278
E-mail: dasta@uoi.gr