Undergraduate Studies

The University of Ioannina offers 23 Undergraduate Courses in its respective Departments, which award respective diplomas.

The minimum  duration of study is eight semesters at the Departments of:

The minimum duration of study is ten semesters at the Departments of:

The minimum  duration of study is twelve semesters at the Department of Medicine

The university entry process is determined by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.

Despite lack of funding, Postgraduate Study at the University of Ioannina has reached a high level and aspires to foster scientific knowledge and develop skills and practices that will be useful to postgraduate students for their professional and social development.


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Τμήμα Προπτυχιακών Σπουδών

Ευθαλία Γερωνυμάκη
Τηλ: 26510 07278 – Email: egeronim@uoi.gr


Λαμπρινή Ζήση
Τηλ: 26810 50033 – Email: lzisi@uoi.gr