Quality Assurance Unit – MODIP

MODIP is the main body in charge of coordinating all quality assurance procedures and the University’s work assessment. MODIP’s purpose is to collect information on the quality of educational, research and administrative work in order to plan and support activities to strengthen and improve work done in accordance with principles, guidelines and directions provided by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (Law 3374/2005).

MODIP’s objective is to evaluate the work done by the University in a systematic, substantiated and detailed manner, record and promote its academic achievements, identify and analyze weaknesses and deviations from academic goals, establish quality standards. The evaluation results help improve the work done and the University’s strategic planning.

The Quality Assurance website seeks to promote the University’s activities in the fields of Quality Assessment and Assurance. It also features Evaluation Reports on the University of Ioannina, Survey Statistics, and other useful information about MODIP.

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Quality Assurance Unit
University of Ioannina – Ioannina

Contact information:
(+30) 26510-07103, 8015
E-mail: modip@uoi.gr