According to the provisions of article 16 of Law 4957/2022 (Greek Government Gazette No 141/A’/21-7-2022, “New Horizons for the Higher Education Institutions: Enhancing the quality, functionality and connection of higher education institutions with society and other provisions”),  the Senate is composed of:

α) The Rector of the University
b) The Deans of Schools
c) The Heads of the Departments

One (1) representative from the Special Teaching Staff,
One (1) representative from the Special Laboratory Teaching Staff,
One (1) representative from the Special Technical Laboratory Teaching Staff
of the Higher Education Institution, as long as corresponding categories of personnel serve in it, being nominated in accordance with the article 41 of the aforementioned Law.

Student representatives with an annual term of 10% of the total number of Senate members for cases a. to c.

The Senate is the University’s second supreme academic body.

The core function of the Senate is to regulate the academic and research matters.

The Senate has all the responsibilities as prescribed in the article 16 (4) of the Law 4957/2022 and many others which provided for by the University of Ioannina Organisation and internal operating regulations, as long as these have not been specifically assigned by law to other bodies of the University.

Univercity of Ioannina

Email:  for the Senate


Kostantina Christaki
Email: kxristak@uoi.grr
Telephone: +30 2651007547
Administrative Staff, Head

Evangelia Kanava
Telephone: +30 2651007284
Administrative Staff