Centre for the Study of the Hellenic Language and Culture (HeLaS)

The Centre for the Study of the Hellenic Language and Culture (HeLaS) was founded under the Rectorship of Dimitrios Glaros, by decision 755/9.02.1995 of the University’s Senate, and is governed by Internal Operating Regulations.

The main mission of HeLaS is to promote Greek traditions (particularly local traditions) and to encourage familiarity with the traditions of other countries through teaching and promoting the Greek language and culture. In addition, HeLaS aims to meet educational/research needs related to the development and promotion of the Greek culture, both in Greece and abroad. For this reason, HeLaS organizes activities which aim to:

  • spread the Greek language and culture and its timeless values;
  • encourage intercultural contact of people, showing respect to peoples’ heterogeneity and diversity;
  • strengthen and preserve ties with the Greek Diaspora;
  • strengthen and enrich teaching practices through psycho-pedagogical, teaching and linguistic seminars for Greek as a foreign language;
  • organize meetings and conferences focusing on teaching the Greek language and culture;
  • develop teaching material and linguistic manuals for teaching Greek as a second/foreign language;
  • run branches of the Centre which aim to teach Greek as a second/foreign language in other regions of Epirus, following the approval of the University of Ioannina Senate and in collaboration with the local authorities.
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Centre for the Study of the Hellenic Language and Culture (HeLaS)

DI.K.E.P.P.E.E. “Stavros Niarchos”
University of Ioannina
45 110 – Ioannina – Greece

Tel: (+30) 26510 09153 / 26510 09132
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e-mail: langcntr@uoi.gr