International & Public Relations

The Directorate of International & Public Relations is one of the University’s structural administrative units. Its main purpose is to build a link with society (at local, national and international level).

The Directorate operates around two strategic axes:

  • implementing and developing a strategy to globalize our University;
  • maintaining and strengthening the University’s high reputation

The numerous activities undertaken by the Directorate of International & Public Relations include events, doctoral award and graduation ceremonies, signing bilateral agreements and cooperation protocols, implementation of EU programmes, counseling on protocol and procedures.

Directorate Structure

International  Relations Department

The main objective of the International Relations Department is to support the international dimension of education. The International Relations Department organizes, coordinates and supports, through its activities and in accordance with the University’s strategy, its globalization principles. The Erasmus+ programme is one of the main’ tools’ used to achieve those goals.

Public Relations and Protocol

  • The department’s responsibilities include:
  • Promoting educational, scientific and research works;
  • Ensuring the University’s connection with the local community;
  • Scientific relations and academic exchange with other Universities and organizations;
  • Keeping track of press and other media releases;
  • Planning and organizing doctoral award ceremonies, celebrations and graduation ceremonies;
  • Providing accommodation service to students and academic staff; Enforcing respect of the protocol.

Museum and Historical Archive Department

This department focuses on:

  1. utilizing the University’s museum and historical archive, by promoting its museum collections and cooperating with relevant government and local organizations; and
  2. organizing its photography and slide & video-recording archive.
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Directorate of International & Public Relations
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